Work on Swan’s new London regional office and The Reach Community Centre is progressing well. Swan’s new offices will be on the ground and first floor of Blashill Court and the Community Centre will be located on the ground and first floor of Camellia House.

Hutton Construction is currently on site and is working on the new flooring, insulation and electrical installation etc. Hutton have recruited three local people as part of the regeneration commitment to creating jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for local people.

“I feel really happy about being an apprentice. Really pleased to be working. I hope to work my way up to be a Ganger and then Foreman. It is really great to be working locally as I know a lot of people around here”.

Juhrul Islam, Apprentice Labourer – Hutton Construction Limited

“I am pleased to be an apprentice plumber as it is a good career and I enjoy being around adults. I love being hands on and using the tools. It is good as I will be able to support my family and have a good sense of pride and one up on my mates who are on the dole!”

Dan Perkins, Apprentice Plumber – Heydon Pierre Ltd

“Being an apprentice really helps me excel myself and gives me a better future. I really enjoy learning new skills and being part of a team. I would like to be successful electrician and this will help my career as it will get me through my College course with all the right knowledge. It is really nice to work on a project which will benefit my local community”.

Charlie Stanton, Apprentice Electrician – F and W Electrical Ltd

We currently expect to launch Swan’s new offices and the Reach Community Centre in the Summer 2016