Following some concerns over the levels of dust being produced during the demolition, we have met with the contractors Hill and Northeeast Demoliton. We are continually monitoring the situation and these are the steps that have been taken so far: 

Liaison with the school – Hill and Northeast demolition visited the school on 4/12/17 to explain what the process would be in terms of demolition, dust and noise. In addition, a presentation was given about the demolition and the dangers of construction sites. 

Liaison with Environmental Officer – Northeast Demolition invited the Environmental officer to the site. He was more than satisfied with the work and control measures that were in place and those that were planned. 

Traffic Management – We have a traffic management plan in place which states that we will not have any deliveries or collections during the school peak times. Any collections/deliveries have been told to pay attention to speed limits and to give total consideration to the public and users of the school.

Dust Suppression – We have sufficient dust suppression on site in the form of 2 x Moto-fogs and 1 x 4inch water hose. In the event of a change in wind direction towards the school we will cease work if it is deemed necessary, which we have done previously. We have also had a more recent visit from the Environmental Officer who was happy with the works and the provisions in place. 

Dust Monitors – We have various points around the site where monitoring on dust levels in taking place. One of these being dust monitors which would send an alert if any limits had been reached.