Blackwall Reach residents celebrated Clean Air Day 2019 at The Reach when they welcomed UCL who delivered an intriguing workshop on air quality. 

UCL’s Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering provided an insight about pollution and its effect on air quality and health. 

The seminar covered the effects of poor air quality and how people who are exposed to it have increased risk of various illnesses and issues relating to wellbeing. There is evidence that the effects of poor air quality are widespread and a contributing factor to major illness, both physical and mental. 

The presentation gave residents information about the MVHR filters in their homes, and how these filters should be maintained and replaced for optimal performance. Residents who joined the seminar all received air purifying plants to take home and they have volunteered to participate in another UCL study in partnership with electronics company, Philips, researching the levels of air quality people are exposed to at home, whilst commuting and work. The Study monitors real time air quality using devices installed in people’s homes and carried on their person. 

The Resident Involvement and Community Development Team are exploring further partnership and funding opportunities with the institution and hope Swan can run more programmes like this in the future.