In the July edition of InTouch magazine we reported that, following the Covid-19 pandemic, Swan is reviewing the use of their office space at Blackwall Reach and elsewhere. 

This review is happening in response to changing office space demands within Swan Housing Association and wider cultural working practices. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic Swan had already implemented an agile working strategy with staff not allocated to specific offices. With the closure of our offices during the pandemic, and home-based work becoming more common, the extent of office space required by Swan has reduced.  

With this in mind, alternative options have been modelled for some of the office space including providing much needed affordable rented housing in a borough with over 20,000 households on the waiting list for a home (2020).

The planning application proposal involves separating the ground and first floor access and converting the first floor only into five affordable rented properties of various sizes to accommodate couples and families. This proposal is being submitted soon in a planning application to see whether it will be acceptable in planning terms to the local authority. Under this proposal the ground floor remains as Swan office space. We should stress that at this stage we are considering options and no final decision has been made to proceed with the conversion. Swan remain committed to maintaining a presence for residents on site.

The drawings which are submitted as part of the planning application are shown below.

If you have any questions about the plans or would like to hear more about the proposal for more affordable housing in Blashill Court, please join the Blackwall Reach Resident Board meeting on 30 November at 6pm at The Reach, where members of the Swan Development Team will bring plans and can answer questions.

Proposed General Arrangement Plan – 1st floor



Proposed North Elevation


Proposed East Elevation


Proposed South Elevation


Proposed West Elevation